Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Life is like a garden

Our lives bloom from the seeds our ancestors planted and cultivated. Their life experiences are the ground and roots which support us, or in some cases which hinder us personally and culturally.

We are the roots, and also the gardeners, of and for the generations to come.

How will we participate?

photo by Paige Mills-Haag
Contemplative questions:
  • How can I make the garden of my inner and outer life more beautiful, compassionate and just?
  • What weeds — in wrongful thinking or bad habits — would I benefit from removing ?
  • What personal or collective growth is asking for the sunlight of my attention?
  • What needs in the garden of my life call me to action today?
​Note: Begin contemplative practice by centering yourself and breathing to cultivate a relaxed state in your nervous system. As you ask yourself the questions and receive answers, feel the impact of each answer in your body-mind system. Insights and wise actions that are aligned with your core resonate with some sense of life-affirming, peaceful strength.

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