Saturday, October 18, 2008

Community and NVC in St. Louis

Last evening, Kelsey LaPointe, Hillary Melechen and I co-hosted a St. Louis NVC Community Gathering to share food, connection, NVC learning and practice.

After receiving very few R.S.V.P.'s by mid-week (just one at that time) I decided to relocate the gathering to my home for ease and intimacy. By Friday evening, I had R.S.V.P.'s for 12 adults and 2 children (as well as my own) to attend the gathering. I was a bit nervous that everyone would fit into my small living room, but everyone did.

I feel so excited and happy remembering this event last night:
... the delicious food,
... the 5 newbies to NVC who attended,
.... the several who were more experienced with NVC
.... Hillary's courage and 'jumping into the pool' in facilitating our opening connection exercise,
.... the input from the more experienced NVC-er's contributing to learning for everyone,
.... the warm feeling I experienced seeing pairs practicing 'empathy' with each other spread all over the main floor of my home,
.... the celebration of hearing people's met needs
.... the guidance of one of the participants, Sherry Summers, to suggest I lead a 'living energy of needs' meditation, which to me was such a contribution to the evening,
.... the curiosity and desire one of the participants expressed to continue a conversation to continue learning about needs, NVC-style,
.... the sound of girls singing downstairs,
.... the support of my children to host the visiting children and share the space of our home with visitors,
.... the beauty of the NVC process to create connection and community, even when people meet for the first time,

My heart is filled with joy about community, shared learning, contribution and meaning. What a wonderful life!